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A gas fireplace is a great way to heat your home or spruce up your outdoor patio area. These self-contained fireplaces can replace your existing fireplace or can be inserted into a spot in your home or outdoor patio. Gas fireplace inserts make it possible for you to have a fireplace even if your home was built without one.

Gas fireplaces and fireplace inserts can be mounted as wall fireplaces, can replace your wood fireplace, or can allow you to install a fireplace hearth even after your home is complete. Most gas fireplaces are ventless fireplaces or vent-free fireplaces which allow you to put them anywhere you like since they don't require a chimney or open damper. These modern gas fireplaces come in a variety of sizes and generate varying amounts of heat, allowing you to choose the best option for your particular needs.

Our technicians will handle every aspect of the installation process and can put your fireplace virtually anywhere you would like.

From replacing an existing fireplace to installing a new gas line so that you can put your fireplace in a new spot, our experienced and trained team will work hard to exceed your expectations. We want to ensure that you can enjoy your new gas fireplace for years to come.

We sell the best gas fireplaces on the market from manufacturers including, Majestic, Napoleon, and Jotel, among others. Whether you are looking for a small fireplace for an outdoor patio or you are interested in a large vented gas fireplace insert, we have what you are seeking. For more information about our selection or to learn more about the advantages of gas fireplaces, visit our store in person to see over 40 live burn displays or call us to discuss your needs. Chattanooga area residents looking for gas fireplaces near them should begin and end their search at Gas Appliances Unlimited.