Where to Get Your Gas Logs Cleaned in Chattanooga, TN

Gas logs give the comfort and enjoyment of a fire without the constant work of splitting and stacking wood, carrying it into the house, and then cleaning your fireplace of ash and soot once the fire burns out. Gas fireplace logs are an affordable, effective alternative to traditional fireplaces. And, best of all, they require only a fraction of the effort and work associated with a wood-burning fireplace.

Did you know your gas logs should be cleaned and serviced at least once per year?

While a gas fireplace is mostly care-free, manufacturers still recommend having your logs cleaned and serviced at least once per year. The team at Gas Appliances Unlimited recommends scheduling in the fall before your first annual use. That way, you can ensure that your gas logs will be as clean as possible and will provide the best performance all winter long.

Proper maintenance and cleaning of your gas logs are important because when not in use, gas logs can accumulate a significant amount of dust and dander which can clog the tiny holes in the logs. And, as Chattanooga area residents know, pollen accumulation is a constant battle in the spring and early summer months. If the dust, dander, and pollen build-up are not properly addressed, the operation of your gas logs can be affected. Logs that have not been maintained and cleaned can perform poorly or even malfunction. Additionally, gas fire logs that are not regularly cleaned and serviced can develop a distinct odor.

Leave the gas log cleaning to the professionals!

Because your gas logs are part of a working appliance, connected to an active gas line, cleaning is not quite as easy as a simple dusting. Cleaning a gas fireplace is a job for a professional. When our team services and cleans your gas logs, burner, and complete gas hearth system, we check for leaks, perform an ODS check, and light your pilot light to ease your way into winter.

We consistently offer the least expensive gas log service calls in the Chattanooga area. If you have a question or need service, please give us a call. You can also stop by our showroom to learn more about gas logs, the importance of maintenance, how we can help, and more.

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