A wood or gas stove is classic way to heat your home or office.

Stoves are among the most traditional heating methods available for a home or office. While stoves originally burned wood only, today we have more options. The most common alternative to a wood stove is a gas stove. Like a gas fireplace, gas stoves use gas logs and don’t have to be restocked with wood, cleaned after every use, and do not emit an odor.

Wood burning stoves are still popular and can be an effective way to heat your home or outdoor porch or patio, too. They are the original heating fire stoves, and the sounds of crackling logs and the smell of burning wood are appealing to almost everyone.

Gas Appliances Unlimited knows that it is important to have options and a wide selection. After all, every customer is different. We are proud to provide our customers with the choice between traditional wood-burning stoves and gas stoves. We partner with the biggest wood stove manufacturers and have excellent access to wood stoves for those interested in this traditional stove type. We also sell the top gas stove brands. With a demonstrated history of successful installation and customer satisfaction, it’s no wonder that brands like Vermont Castings, Jotel, Hearthstone, Buck Stove, and Moreso are willing to partner with us.

A gas or wood stove is a classic way to heat your home or outdoor space. The team at Gas Appliances Unlimited has the knowledge and expertise you need to properly install your stove, show you how to use it, and provide the needed service to keep it operating proficiently for years to come.


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